Angola: nicer than you’d think

After having no internet for almost a week and knowing I won’t have it again for at least 4 days, I feel like I have to write the next post now. But I’m not ready! I meant to take some photos to post and show How Nice Huambo Is. But so far I only have photos of Coartem malaria meds and a rapid diagnostic test. So I will tell you a little bit about how nice Huambo is.

There are wide, well-paved roads in the center of town, many of them tree-lined. There are parks with grass and decorative plants. There is a main square with fountains, a children’s playground, a chess table and–get this–a bike rack! You hardly see any bikes here, but it’s actually a really pleasant place to ride a bike. Except for the whistles. Speaking of whistles, no one pays any attention to you at all EXCEPT when you are a woman in shorts on a bike. You can walk down the sidewalk (because yes, there are sidewalks! and crosswalks! and cars stop if someone is in the crosswalk!) and not one single person tells you that you are white. It is altogether unlike Africa as I know it. The main drawback really to living in Huambo is that all the locals are so much more fashionable. And the water and electricity comes and goes, but the air is clear, you can walk outside day or night, and as a former Portuguese colony, they have really good coffee and fresh bread. And as a tropical country, they have the mango and avocado and papaya and thunderstorms that are pretty impressive, even when you are out riding a bike in one.

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