Coffeeneuring 2016

Coffeeneuring is where you ride your bike to 7 different coffee shops in 7 weeks in the fall. Details are here. Since my main goal in riding my bike is going to coffee shops, this shouldn’t be such a challenge for me, except I’m not very good at documentation. Last year I did all the rides and never submitted them. This year I’ve already missed the deadline to submit, but I think by one day so I might still be eligible for my patch.

I started all trips from my home in Kingston, NJ, except for Homestead on 23 October, which I started in Frenchtown because I was there for a weaving class, and I didn’t want to get up early enough to ride there (about 3 hours each way). I had an idea that I’d have textile art as a “theme within a theme” but only managed half (my first ride had knitting and three others had learning to weave or arranging to learn to weave).

9 October: 65km to a friend’s barbecue in Trenton, NJ, where I drank hot apple cider

Strava: Coffeeneuring 1: Knitting barbecue cider in Trenton


15 October: 116km to Early Bird Espresso in Frenchtown, NJ (with a stop at The Spinnery to sign up for a weaving class) where I had a cortado and some kind of cake and only remembered to take the photo when it was finished. Strava: Coffeeneuring 2: UVA Reunion at Early Bird in Frenchtown, with a side of weaving


18 October: 81km to Brick Farm Market in Hopewell, NJ where I had iced coffee and a pain au chocolate

Strava: Coffeeneuring 3: In which Celeste chooses coffee at Brick Farm over her mandatory seminar


23 October: 21km to Homestead Coffee in Upper Black Eddy, NJ where I had a not-very-fresh brewed coffee (it was the middle of the afternoon and had probably been sitting there for a while) and a bagel.

Strava: Coffeeneuring 4: In which there is no canal in the canal for the ride from Homestead to Frenchtown


29 October: 65km to OQ Coffee in Highland Park, NJ where I had a cortado.

Strava: Coffeeneuring 5: In which Celeste cycles right past the gratuitous hill on the way to and from OQ Coffee


1 November: 91km to Factory Fuel in Flemington, NJ where I had a cortado and a pastry.

Strava: Coffeeneuring 6: In which Celeste kicks interlopers out of the kiln at Factory Fuel


19 November: 102km to Rojo’s Roastery in Lambertville, NJ where I had a cortado and apple cranberry bread.

Strava: Coffeeneuring 7: In which Celeste brings her Harris Tweed Carradice saddlebag to the Bucks County Handweavers show (and also gets coffee at Rojo’s)

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