Coffeeneuring 2019

Coffeeneuring is basically just riding your bike at least 2 miles and stopping for a coffee, but the yearly official coffeeneuring has lots of rules. I’m good at stopping for coffee, I used to be good at riding my bike, but I’m not so good at rules, so I don’t always manage it.* Last year I was living in a place (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) where coffee shops didn’t overlap so well with safe and enjoyable bike routes (though coconut stands did a bit. I should have thought of coconeuring. Damn.) The year before, I was in rural Guatemala without a bike. This year I was in 3 countries (US, Ireland and Mexico), but I was just able to squeak in 7 rides in 2 of them, on a bunch of different bikes, despite defending my dissertation, drumming in a Dia de los Muertos parade and being bedridden for a week in the middle. Most of them started or ended with coffee, and weren’t terribly long, but the only reason I got on my bike at all some days was the desire for the patch. Since I was wrapping up my PhD and subsequently on vacation/unemployed, I declared it to be a weekend whenever I had a chance to ride my bike. All coffees drunk were cortados, because the cortado is the king AND the queen of coffee.

*Technically I didn’t manage it this year either, because I failed to take a photo of each coffee stop, but I’m hoping I have adequate documentation.

1. October 15. Five Points, Harold’s Cross, Dublin. It’s true, I’m here most days, with or without a bike, but ever since the husband bought an espresso machine too sophisticated to use before morning coffee, most rides out of town start here. 33km ride just outside the city on my Coast Cycles randonneuring bike Atalanta.  Strava

2. October 26. Brick Farm Market, Hopewell, NJ. My first ride as a PhD! But I was braindead and forgot to take a photo. Easy 46km on a borrowed Bianchi. Strava

3. October 28. Filter on 19th St. NW has closed!!! since my last visit to DC, so I met a friend at Three Fifty nearby. It was a beautiful afternoon so we took our coffee to the dog park (where I again forgot to take a photo) and then I biked back to the suburbs. 22km along the W&OD trail on the Lemond that lives with my parents. Strava

4. November 16. First Draft, Lennox Street, Dublin 2. In the preceding 2+ weeks, I spent a lot of time traveling and being sick and completely forgot about coffeeneuring, so I didn’t think of taking any photos until the end of the ride. I’m adding a photo of inside the cafe another day. We picked up Dublinbikes (bike share bikes) at the Portobello Road Station, stopped at First Draft a few blocks away for a coffee, then cycled to the Temple Bar Food Market and back, about 4km.

5. November 17. Cottage Cafe at the Séamus Ennis Arts Centre in Naul, County Dublin. A real ride in the north Co. Dublin countryside, the longest I’ve done in quite some time but flat. 70km on Atalanta. Strava

6. November 23. Storyboard, Islandbridge, Dublin 8. It was wet enough that I didn’t feel like venturing too far, so I just made a bit of a detour to go to a different coffeeshop than usual on my way to the farmer’s market. It was packed inside but mild enough to sit outside under a bit of roof. 11km on my city bike. Strava

7. November 24. Two Pups, Francis Street, Dublin 8. As usual on the weekend, it was packed and it was too wet to sit outside, so I brought my coffee across the street to The Constant Knitter. 5km on my city bike. Strava



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